Who we are

PRODYALCA was founded on September 8, 2004, dedicated to the design and development, manufacture and commercialization of various chemical products for: water treatment, industrial maintenance, civil construction, Horeca channel, services as well as industrial paper, equipment and various Cleaning utensils.
It is born from the professional experience of the founding member who served as a commercial agent in an American multinational of the same branch. Prodyalca started its activity with 2 employees (1 commercial and 1 administrative) and now employs a significant number of people, about 30% of whom are university graduates.
The headquarters and its facilities are located in the municipality of Alcanena, district of Santarém. The growth of the company has been remarkable; For this done in much contributed the bet in the internationalization.


The company's objective in the short term is the leadership in the sector, the regional market, national expansion (the company already has important investment centers in Lisbon, Porto and Setúbal), as well as the continued internationalization of the PALOP`s, Spain and Morocco.

The objectives for growth are broadly met. The company built an industrial unit in the vicinity of the A1 (exit Torres Novas / Alcanena), which opened in May 2012.

In pursuance of its objectives, the company has approved its application to the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) in the scope of internationalization, ISO 9001: 2008 certification, advertising, communication and ICT development.

Social responsability

Prodyalca is intransigent in the values ??it defends, such as the permanent struggle for quality, environmental values, fair competition and social responsibility.
Prodyalca also defends a very important value that is that of solidarity, the company does not want to keep all the profits it can generate in its activity, intends to distribute part of these profits, supporting homes, schools, sports, recreational and socio-cultural groups .
Prodyalca wants to go even further, it intends to establish the "Bolsa Prodyalca", so that the most disadvantaged children can continue their studies.


Prodyalca's mission is to serve its customers with the best quality / price binomial, providing customers with total satisfaction. The company undertakes to also have a social mission to help the most disadvantaged.


Prodyalca and the Environment

ISO 14001
Prodyalca is inflexible in the values it stands for. The permanent struggle for quality and environmental values are proof of this.
ISO 14001 Certification - Environmental Management Systems (EMS), with the scope of "Design and development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical products and technical assistance" allows you to demonstrate the commitment to protect the environment, reinforcing the institutional image and following the constant evolution of the market.

What is ISO 14001?
ISO 14001 provides requirements for more effectively managing the environmental aspects of your business activities, taking into account environmental protection, pollution prevention, legal compliance and socio-economic needs.

Quality and Environment Policy

 The management of Prodyalca - Comércio de Produtos Químicos, Lda, aware of an ever-increasing competitiveness, faster technological evolution and ever-increasing market demands, and more aware of the need for environmental protection and sustainable development, opted for promote certain actions in order to exceed the needs of its customers and other interested parties, leading to the fulfillment of the requirements and to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Integrated Management System in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001.

In this way, we can highlight some of the key principles that make up our Quality and Environment Policy, which are as follows:

  • Permanent Customer Satisfaction, meeting your needs and requirements in terms of quality and delivery times;
  • Establishing Close Cooperation with our Suppliers to provide joint growth;
  • Rational use of raw materials and natural resources in order to minimize consumption through the implementation of best available techniques and good environmental practices;
  • Continuous Improvement of the Integrated Management System, Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection, always looking for new solutions that make it possible to strengthen the company both at organizational, environmental and personal level, namely in training, internal audits and corrective actions and to allow us meet our strategic objectives;
  • Compliance with the Legal Requirements applicable to Prodyalca and compliance obligations related to its environmental aspects and impacts inherent to its activities, products and services.
This Quality and Environment Policy is duly disclosed, so that it is taken into account by all the employees of the organization, by those who work on their behalf and all interested parties.

Code of Good Environmental Practices

Waste Management:

As part of good environmental practices, Prodyalca has been adopting a system of selective waste separation for several years, with its own and properly identified sites. Thus, and without being in the premises of Prodyalca, it should put into practice the effective separation of waste, according to its characteristics.

In the warehouse you will find deposits for the following waste:

Waste packaging: Packaging Paper and paperboard (LER 15 01 01)

Contaminated waste: Absorbent material and waste (LER 15 02 02)

Urban wastes assimilated: Plastics, films and others (LER 20 01 39)

In addition to these, in various locations of the factory, you will find containers and tanks for plastic packaging waste, wood packaging waste (pallets), glass packaging and ferrous metals.

If residues other than those identified in Prodyalca are generated you should inform the person in charge of the Quality and Environment department.

Spills and Environmental Contaminations:

Prodyalca identified environmental emergency situations, namely involving the spillage of chemicals that could cause damage to the environment.Therefore, whenever you are in Prodyalca's premises and detect any environmental emergency situation, you should contact the person responsible for the Quality and Environment department or the person in charge of the Warehouse, describing the problem well with the place of occurrence.
If you can not contact any of Prodyalca's employees mentioned above, you should report this to the first employee you meet at Prodyalca.

It is strictly forbidden to discharge any product to the rainwater network.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts:

Vehicles and machinery that are used within Prodyalca's premises must be in good repair, especially with regard to the emission of noise, gases and without spillage or leakage of oil or other products.
In the majority of Prodyalca's external suppliers, the latter identified as main environmental aspects situations related to energy consumption, oil spills as well as spills of chemicals


Certeficado TUV


Prodyalca, Lda.
EN 243 - Km 29
Sítio da Machuqueira - Moitas Venda
Apartado 122
2384-909 Alcanena, Portugal

Telefone: +351 249 891 606
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